The "Infinity Gauntlet" millet, substrate and casing subscription


Are you a regular grower? Like things ticking like a clock? Or maybe you just have a mighty need. Regardless, this subscription is for you.

Each bundle includes:

  • 1 3 lbs sterile white millet bag with injection port
  • 1 5lbs bag of our "Ok, Boomer" sterilized and PH balances bulk substrate
  • 1 4 lbs bag of our "Just in Casing" - sterilized, PH balanced and inert casing layer.

You can select to get one or more of each, on a flexible schedule - every week, every two weeks, every three and so on. This way you know when your ladies are ready, they'll have a clean well appointed room and spa.

Cancel any time. At risk of altering the timeline.