Sterilized 3lbs White Millet spawn bag with injection port

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Use what the Humble Fungus uses for our production grain!

What you get: Three pounds of organic hydrated rye grain in a 0.2 micron filter 4t unicorn grain master bag with a quality injection port. Fully sterilized.

These bags are ready for immediate inoculation using agar transfers or liquid cultures.


  • A single Humble Fungus millet bag is equivalent to just over 3 whole quart jars of grain. For reference, you can only fit 5 quart jars in a single 23 quart presto.
  • Each millet bag contains a minimum 2.5lbs sterilized whole white millet
  • Each bag contains 1000grams dry millet, 500grams water
  • Each bag is sterilized 2.5 hours at 16 PSI and cooled/shook to equalize moisture in front of our almost 20 feet of clean room flow hoods.
  • We use unicorn growing bags with 0.2 Micron filter patches to keep bacteria and other things out. Please note that filter patches allow oxygen and moisture to be transferred out of the bag and moisture settles over time, if you do not break and shake the bags during colonization or otherwise re-equalize the moisture, grains closest to the filter may be drier than the rest, to fix just break and shake making sure you get more of the dry grain lower in the bag!
    • You can fold the top of the bag back (filter patch out/exposed) to help reduce moisture loss
    • Dryness primarily impacts dry regions such as Colorado or Arizona which have a dramatically low humidity level on average.

Colonization times

  • Good for culinary, medicinal, therapeutic and exotic mushrooms.
  • Colonization times using liquid cultures & agar averages to 3-4 weeks assuming 1-2 break and shakes.
  • Colonization time with grain to grain transfers average 2 weeks assuming 1-2 break and shakes
  • Liquid culture injections take longer to start colonizing due to the change in nutrient profiles, this stall is normal
  • We recommend customers using spores grow those spores out on agar first to prove viability. This is a general rule for all spore usage.
  • "What is the gold/tan liquid appearing" - fungi produce enzymes and spread those into their environment, as they consume the mass they put out metabolites. Metabolites are a good sign - they're the sign of a healthy and functioning fungus. But if these build up in the bottom, the bag can go anaerobic (bacterial) - to fix simply break and shake to equalize and then move to bulk substrate or grain to grain before they build up again.

Returns & Exchanges

We all make mistakes, this is why the Humble Fungus will refund or exchange sterilized bags we ship that have not been inoculated for free.

Bulk Discounts

We're bulk growers, so we know that costs can add up running a grow. We're happy to offering bulk discounts on our millet bags.

Please contact for bulk pricing and discounts.


     Interested in how we make grains? Check out our training video!