Organic Cordycepts Fruit-Body Tea (30 Day Supply)


Each of The Humble Fungus' in-house organically grown Cordyceps militaris mushroom tea bags contain 0.5 grams of dried 100% Cordyceps fruiting body chunks.

According to a study done with Bastyr University, it was concluded that in order to take advantage of Cordyceps in its entirety through an only water based extract, one should brew their tea for 15 minutes, covered.

A daily recommended dose of 0.5 grams of dried 100% fruiting bodies is suggested, this makes a strong 12oz cup of tea.

Feel free to increase or decrease the volume of water used to find your desired taste. Throw in some local honey and top off with your choice of creamer for a delicious surprise!

Lets get down to the interesting stuff though. Why are we excited about incorporating Cordyceps into our daily diets? Turns out Cordyceps is as healthy as it is crazy looking!

Health Benefits:
* Increases body's production of ATP, which is essential for delivering energy to the muscless. This in turn improves the way our body uses oxygen, particularly during exercise.

*Anti-Aging - Cordyceps increases antioxidants which fight nerve damage.


*Helps manage type 2 diabetes.

*Heart Health

*Fights inflammation