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Online Class: Zen & The Art of Mushroom Cultivation

Online Class: Zen & The Art of Mushroom Cultivation

By The Humble Fungus

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Are you new to growing and cultivating mushrooms and fungi? Are you experienced but facing issues like contamination, increasing labor costs and old methods? This class is for you!

With over 3 hours of content, “Zen and the art of Mushroom Cultivation” covers the core of fungi and mushrooms, from biology, phylogeny, breeding and cultures to clean room/aseptic technique, media, grains, substrates and fruiting. Each subject is broken down to not only the “what” but the why and the how - for example how to run a sub 1% contamination rate grow at scale, or no soak no simmer recipes and hacking the Fungal Enzyme stomach!

Advanced or intermediate cultivators and mycologists will also take a lot away from this class - we dispel common, widespread myths, show you how to simplify and cut costs, measure and track your success and make the grow of your dreams. Our knowledge covers the entirety of fruiting mushrooms from Oyster, Reishi to even Cubensis mushrooms this knowledge will help you grow better than anyone else.

This class is a digital download with the full 3 hour video and slide deck!

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