Custom Isolation and Cloning Services


Humble Fungus is extremely excited to offer custom mushroom cloning & isolation services. While results are not guaranteed, we have considerable experience in propagating fungus, if we may humbly say so! You may request isolation or cloning from a specific cultivar.  You may also provide whole mushrooms or other samples to attempt cloning and isolation.

Want to grow and propagate Candy Caps to plant in the forest? We've got you covered. Have you recently enjoyed a meal with the most amazing mushies you've ever had? Save an uncooked one for cloning!

Customers will be provided with one spawn jar—if possible, as mycorrhizal fungi may not be able to be propagated in that way—as well as colonized slants and petri dishes. Confidentiality is ensured in case you are a culinary vendor with specific cross breeding you would like to request.

PLEASE NOTE: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will we conduct cloning or isolation services for any STRAIN of fungi prohibited by law, including any hallucinogenic fungi, sclerotia, or otherwise. Please do not make such requests and, more importantly, DO NOT TRY to DECEIVE US into doing so. We ONLY work with gourmet, medicinal and other legal fungi. NO EXCEPTIONS. Before conducting services we reserve the right (and will most likely request) to discuss the proposed work with you.