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Cultivar of the Month Kits

Cultivar of the Month Kits

By The Humble Fungus

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Here at the Humble Fungus we love collecting data - but even more we love seeing the results our customers get from our broad line of species and varieties. 

That's why we're excited to partner with our discord community to create the cultivar of the month club. Each month, we will select a new variety from our library for the community to grow as a group and share notes, data, observations and more.

What's more is you will always get F1 genetics from us - these lines are very close to their spore mated parents and chosen for growth rates, pinset, yield, and more. 

Every Cultivar of the month club comes with your choice of:

- 1 liquid culture syringe, 1 3lbs bag sterilized millet and 1 5lbs bag of our compatible substrate

- 2 liquid culture syringes, 2, 3lbs bags sterilized millet and 2, 5lbs bags of our compatible substrate

The 1x1x1 kit is perfect for a Hoodie Tek grow, or a single 64 quart monotub.

The 2x2x2 kit is perfect for 2 Hoodie Tek bags, or two 64 quart monotubs. 

This months cultivar is: Wikidzon!

Wikidzon is an interesting variety with a convoluted past. It is rumored to be a strain developed from PESA (PES-Amazon), an aggressive and fast growing strain they grow in dense clusters with beautiful speckled and striated caps.

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