Grow @ Home Mushroom Farm - 6-Pound Fruiting Block (Select Species)



Humble Fungus has got your growing love for cultivation covered. Like our fruiting jars, our 6-Pound Fruiting Blocks utilize 100% organic, gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan mushroom substrate and come pre-colonized with the mushroom varietal you select. We humbly make all of our own fruiting blocks in our sterilized clean-room environment to minimize the possibility of contamination.

What you’ll Receive

When you buy a Humble Fungus fruiting block, you’ll receive—apart from the block itself, of course—instructions for the varietal you’ve selected (though they’ll always be here if you need ‘em), along with a recipe for you to try.

Our Fruiting Blocks offer multiple flushes of delectable mushrooms and can be expected to continuously fruit for 1 to 2 months (and, depending on the species, possibly longer). Given that our fruiting blocks are properly hydrated to field capacity, you can expect pinning within 1 to 2 weeks.