3 Month Farm Fresh LIons Mane CSA


We're happy to offer a monthly CSA subscription - each month, you will receive 2 1.5 lbs (3lbs total) shipments of organic & fresh lions mane mushrooms, fresh, frozen or dried mushrooms to make your meals down right wholesome. Each order will include our complimentary sticker pack as well. Each box is harvested and packaged at the height of freshness. 

What You'll Receive

Our Humble Fungus mushroom box will contain a mix of mushrooms, largely subject to our greenhouse availability. We continuously grow Oyster varietals (Pink, Pearl, Blue, King, and others), as well as Enoki, Winecap, Shiitake, and Lion's Mane, and will be sure to provide you with an enjoyable and diverse selection.

Looking for some frozen mushrooms to store for later? Humble Fungus has got you covered!