Gourmet & Medicinal Liquid Cultures


Humble Fungus is pleased to offer fully-colonized 10CC Liquid Culture syringes loaded thick with mycelia floating suspended in a nutrient broth, delivered in sterile packaging and ready to immediately inoculate your spawn or substrate of choice, perhaps even some of ours? As you may know (but for those that don't!), liquid cultures offer the benefit of drastically speedier colonization, as the fungus is alive and ready to continue growing as opposed to having to germinate from spores.

Not ready to immediately use your liquid culture? Have no fear! Liquid cultures can keep for months in the fridge. Pick up one or two (or five!) and have an arsenal of living gourmet and medicinal fungi ready to propagate when your are good and ready!


We're bulk growers, so we know that costs can add up running a grow. We're happy to offering bulk discounts on our millet bags.

Please contact team@humblefungus.com for bulk pricing and discounts.