Ultimate Myco Starter Package: All-In-One Clean Room and Growing Kit


All in one still air box and monotub setup for you to grow your own cultures, inoculate and raise your own mushrooms at home. Included in this complete kit is the following:

  • one custom still air box
  • one custom made monotub humidity chamber 
  • monotub liner and air filters
  • 3lbs block mushroom substrate
  • 3lbs bag mushroom grain spawn (uncolonized)
  • 4 pre poured agar plates 
  • 8 strips parafilm
  • one oyster mushroom agar culture
  • one pair nitrile gloves
  • two paper masks
  • 1 oz spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol
  • 1 oz spray bottle distilled water
  • one disposable scalpel