Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail - "Commoner’s Delight"

The multicolored medicinal mushroom 

Mild in flavor, but potent in nutrition. Those are the only things you really need to know about Commoner’s Delight. With no known poisonous look alike, these have grown to become one of the most popular and most common mushrooms in the world. Not to mention it’s one of the most well-studied. That's right, Commoner’s Delight has academia-cred. To take part in all of the benefits that Commoner’s Delight offers all you have to make sure that you keep them away from moisture and humidity in cool temperatures ranging from 65 -75F.
  • Scientific Name: Trametes versicolor
  • Common Names: Turkey Tail
  • Health Highlights: When it comes to health benefits and medicinal uses Commoner’s Delight is unparalleled. We’ve listed just some of these benefits below.
    • Natural compounds that improve stamina and support gut health 
    • Immune-response building and anti-inflammatory polysaccharopeptides such as Krestin (PSK) & Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP)
    • Polysaccharopeptide PSK & polysaccharide Coriolus versicolor glucan (CVG) that may suppress the growth of certain cancer tumors.
    • Increases the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy in people with certain cancers through increased number of cancer-fighting cells like natural killer cells and lymphocytes.