Trusted Vendors & Partners


Below is a list of vendors we trust and recommend - each vendor listed has been used by The Humble Fungus team, and sterility, viability and willingness to assist customers are all verified.

That, and they're pretty dope.

    • MycTyson Mushrooms - Supplier covering genetics, species, colonized agar plates, etc. MycTyson is one of the nicest folks in mycology we've met.
    • Tanasai Gardens - Colorado based supplier for substrate and all in one grow kits and more.
      • Tanasai ostensibly started our obsession. His all in one personal fable kit had us cloning my own store bought mushrooms in our bedroom!
      • Tip of the cap mushrooms - end to end mycology supplier, I've used the liquid cultures, cordyceps gear and more. Fantastic service.
      • The Cultured Mushroom - Once again, fantastic genetics, spore syringes, liquid cultures and more.