Social equity and justice

The Humble Fungus philosophy

We at the Humble Fungus believe in equal justice, representation, anti-racism, URM & women's rights and advocacy, homeless and hunger efforts around the world.

We have been homeless, we have been abused, we have been ignored, gaslit and struggled to eat. We are no strangers to struggle, but we are privileged but using our privilege to raise others up.

  • Food should be free
  • Food is a right
  • Water is a right
  • Science is real
  • Equality is non-negotiable
  • Empathy is non-negotiable

To this end, The Humble Fungus donates 10% of all gross revenue to charities including: Community Food ShareBlack Lives MatterThe Trevor Project & others. 

Should you not support social equity, equal rights for all and evidence-based science please do not support this business