Shipping & Processing Times

Shipping and Processing Times

At the Humble Fungus, we make all of our products by hand. In some cases - large orders, time to colonize and other things can cause delays. In order to provide a better customer experience, this page will be updated with any lead times, delays or supplier issue.

Most orders are shipped/fulfilled on Monday-Thursday to prevent shipping fungi over the weekend. In some cases this may adjust for closures and holidays.

Local pickup is available for Colorado Residents or bulk buyers, simply select "local pickup" when checking out.

As all items are made fresh and by hand, colonization times are noted.

All orders require at least 1 week processing time

 Product Current Lead Time Last Updated
Sterilized Millet 2 weeks 7/1/21
CVGL Substrate 2 weeks 7/1/21
Sterilized Masters Mix 2 weeks 7/1/21
Casing 2 weeks 7/1/21
Mushroom Farm

In stock: 1 week

Out of stock: 4 weeks (colonization time)

Liquid Cultures

5 days

Agar Cultures

7-14 days (colonization)

Unicorn bags 

No delay

Trivets & Gear

No Delay

Pre-Pour plates 1 week (we pour 2x weekly) 7/1/21
Rare cultures 2 weeks (colonization)
Rare Fruiting Block 6-8 weeks (colonization) 7/1/21