Refunds and Replacements

As you know, fungi are living creatures, just like plants and animals and are, in many cases, surprisingly hardy. Fungi can actually "eat" and conquer other competing molds, lie dormant in response to shock (or after a flush) before seemingly springing back to life, and behave in other ways that are truly awe-inspiring and mystifying. Despite it's own unique vibrance and resilience, they aren't indestructible or perfect, and external factors such as contamination, overwatering, underwatering—and sometimes simple bad luck—can harm or kill the fungus and render your mushroom-growing efforts less-than-stellar.

Because it is inherently difficult to determine who or what is ultimately responsible for a failed grow—did contamination somehow make it in before we sent it to you? Did you over or under water your fruiting block? Did the universe simply not want this particular fungus to succeed?—and because we want our customers, especially those new to the exciting world of mycology, to have peace of mind when placing an order with us, Humble Fungus ever so humbly offers the following commitment:

If you have any issues with your product—whether due to suspected contamination or other reason you believe was beyond your control (scouts honor!)—we will, at your choosing, (i) offer a one-time exchange of the product free of charge (including shipping) or (ii) refund your money to your original method of payment.

We believe our Humble Fungus guarantee is the fairest and most equitable way to cover any and all of the myriad issues inherent to the sale of living things.

All replacement and refund requests should be made either through the Contact Us page or via an email to us at

Additional (and Important!) Information:

  • All requests for replacements and returns must be accompanied with photos. We require this not because we don't believe you, but because they (i) help us fix and identify issues at scale, and (ii) prove especially useful when contamination is suspected. In our experience, many (but not all) cases of "contamination" turn out to actually be entirely normal and are understandable misinterpretations of substrate topology and mycelial growth by-product due to inexperience. Some species of fungi—looking at you, Pioppino and White Button!—make for a nasty looking colonized substrate!
  • Replacements will be sent out in accordance with our normal shipping time allowance, as described in more detail in our FAQ.
  • Items lost in the mail or patently damaged due to shipping issues and delays will, at our discretion, not count towards the one-time exchange count.
Do you have additional questions or concerns before you order? No worries! Feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page or email us at