Phoenix Oyster

Phoenix Oyster - "Summer Wood"

Few things like the heat more than Summer Wood. This petite little thing packs a sweet-tinged flavorful punch making it not only easy to grow but also delicious to eat. If you’re particularly green of thumb you can use Summer Wood to convert conifer mulch and stumps into healthy soil. All you need to do is keep the temperature between 75-95F, something that’s easily achieved during the warmer months of the year.  
  • Scientific Name: Pleurotus pulmonarius
  • Common Name: Phoenix Oyster
  • Health Highlights: Similar to other Oyster mushrooms, Summer Wood contains a healthy amount of various B vitamins, vitamin C, and Calcium. In addition to that Summer Wood is also low in calories and cholesterol. Finally to top it all off it’s extracts show signs of the following properties:
    • Anti-inflammation
    • Anti-cancer
    • Anti-diabetes
    • Anti-hypertension