Nameko - "Goop"

Did we mention, they’re orange . . . and gluten free.

Description: We’re going to be upfront with you, if you’re not a fan of a little slickness, a little slime then Goop’s not for you. Now, if you’re willing to push through that subconscious repulsion a cashew-butterscotch aroma and a slightly nutty, fruity, and earthy flavor awaits you. These little things grow in clusters of small orange caps with a shiny coating that’s hard to miss. If you want to try your hand at cultivating them make sure you provide them with plenty of humidity and cool temperatures.

  • Scientific Name: Pholiota nameko
  • Common Name: Nameko
  • Health Highlights: When it comes to health benefits, Goop comes out swinging. No fat. No cholesterol. No gluten. That’s right, just carbs and protein over here. In addition, Goop also offers:

      • Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory potential through minerals like Selenium
      • Immune boosting antioxidants such as Ergothioneine
      • Plenty of calcium which is indispensable of improving bone health