Morel - "The Elitist"

A.K.A Mr. I’m too good for this family

If the Elitist could talk, it’d inform you that it isn’t your average mushroom before sashaying away towards the nearest 4 star restaurant. In fact it’d probably refer to itself as akin to truffles than anything else, and while this it’s true, it doesn’t make it any less snooty. Unlike other mushrooms, the Elitest, takes it’s pride on not being easily accessible or commercially produced, but hunted. That's right, you’d normally have to work for them and probably fist fight a fellow hunter in the process. But for a meaty texture and a deep, rich earthy flavor, it’d be well worth it. 

  • Scientific Name: Morchella esculenta
  • Common Names: Morel
  • Health Highlights: Just like other mushrooms, the Elitist holds no punches in terms of B vitamins, iron, and vitamin D. They’re also a great source of antioxidants and can work to:

    • Maintain heart health
    • Increase cognitive health
    • Protect your liver