Lions mane

Lion's mane - "White Flying Nimbus"

One of the most powerful - and tasty mushrooms

Description: If you’re looking for something that’s worth the effort by way of looks alone, not to mention it’s edible and medicinal properties, try the White Flying Nimbus. Though it’s arguably one of the most visually pleasing mushrooms, it also offers a crab-like taste making it an ideal sea food meat replacement and the ability to produce multiple rounds of mushrooms. All you need to do is make sure that the humidity doesn’t get too low while they’re growing.


  • Scientific Name: Hericium erinaceus
  • Common Name: Lions Mane or Pom Pom Mushroom
  • Health Highlights: It’s almost common knowledge that mushrooms offer substantial health benefits, the most common being their low calorie and fat content. But on top of that the White Flying Nimbus also offers these potential benefits:

      • Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation antioxidants which can lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease
      • Extracts that may be used to treat anxiety and depression
      • Anti-cancer properties
      • Increasing digestive health by fighting inflammation