Bulk Pricing Information

We love our bulk growers at the Humble Fungus - being cultivators ourselves we understand the need for quality, consistency, turnaround and more.

That’s why we’re here for you - we offer custom deals to bulk growers depending on scale, needs and other data, and we will work with you to ensure we provide exactly what you need.

Products we can do bulk offers on:

We offer bulk discount pricing starting at 10 bags (of any substrate or millet) - the following coupons can be used for automatic bulk discounts!

  • Coupon 10BAGS - takes 10% off any combination of 10 substrate, grain or casing bags.
  • Coupon 25BAGS - takes 15% off any combination of 25 substrate, grain or casing bags.
  • Coupon 50BAGS - takes 20% off any combination of 50 substrate, grain or casing bags.
  • Coupon 100BAGS - takes 25% off any combination of 100 substrate, grain or casing bags.

To discuss custom options, email team@humblefungus.com