Blewit - "The Lilac Knight"

Description: Just as the seasons begin to settle and the evening breeze of autumn nights begin to grow cold, the Lilac Knight appears. In truth, you’ll probably smell the distinctive orange juice-like odor of these elusive mushrooms long before you see them. If you’re willing to dig you might find them in the woods with their lilac toned bodies slumbering under a pile of woody debris and other high nitrogen substrates. If digging outside the confines of your own backyard isn’t your style you could always try your hand at growing them sometime during the fall up into the cooler months of spring.

  • Scientific Name: Clitocybe nuda
  • Common Name: Blewit
  • Health Highlights: The Lilac Knight, similar to other mushrooms, has zero cholesterol and is low in fat and calories. Other properties of the Lilac Knight include:
    • Extracts that may improve Type 2 Diabetes
    • Properties that have antioxidant potential and fight against certain microorganisms