Black Pearl Oyster Mushroom

Black Pearl Oyster - "The People’s King"

Like a real king, just less stubborn. 

Unlike the traditional king oyster, this hefty fella didn’t spend his time growing up in isolation and away from others. Rather, he grew among his people; in a cluster of equally dashing subjects. They face every battle, from the saute pan to the crock pot brimming with the most treacherous of soups and chili’s with their edible stems and dense, meaty builds. Throw your worst and they’ll still come out with their unique peppery flavor in-tact. Unlike other mushrooms, the People's King is actually a cross between a European ostreatus and an Asian ostreatus. Just like the traditional king it’s big and meaty but also grows in clusters like pearl oysters. They’re also easier to grow than the regular  King. 

  • Scientific Name: Pleurotus ostreatus (wikipedia)
  • Common Name: Black Pearl Oyster
  • Health Highlights: Despite being a hybrid, the People’s King offers similar health benefits and medicinal uses common to the oyster mushroom family. Such benefits include the following: 

    • Low in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium
    • Gluten-Free
    • High in protein, fibre, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus & selenium, calcium, folic acid, several B vitamins, vitamin C, and Vitamin D
    • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-cancer properties from beta-glucans and other antioxidants
    • Metabolic health boosters line Niacin