Beefsteak - "Bloody Mary"

A choice cut without the hunt



Sightings of Bloody Mary are relatively rare. This substantial mushroom sticks out from the side of whatever tree, log, stump it’s chosen as it’s home with a usually red tongue-shaped cap. When sliced it leaks a red liquid that some say resembles blood. Though the Blood Mary offers an unparalleled meaty texture, requires a long cook-time and plenty of seasoning to remove it’s sour, near acidic bitterness.

  • Scientific Name: FistulinaI hepatica (wikipedia)
  • Common Name: Beef Steak
  • Health Highlights: Make no mistake, the Bloody Mary isn’t large just to be large. This behemoth of a mushroom is absolutely stuffed with health benefits not limited to the following:

    • Micro-nutrients such as Potassium & Phosphorus
    • Anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants
    • Various B vitamins & Vitamin D
    • Cholesterol-lowering beta-glucans
    • Enough protein to rival that of a steak