About Us

"All life is interconnected. This is the primary lesson that fungi teach."
- Peter McCoy, Radical Mycology


The Humble Fungus was founded in 2020 in Lafayette, Colorado. We are a full-service "spore-to-table" mushroom farm and spawn producer. In addition to growing and selling fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to service both the local Boulder/Lafayette community (as well as the rest of the US by priority shipment) we also provide a wide array of options for the mycology enthusiast at all levels of expertise. Whether you are a beginner seeking to grow your first flush of mushrooms with a ready-to-fruit Grow @ Home mushroom farm kit or an expert seeking agar wedges and slants of robust mycelial genetics for any given gourmet or medicinal species, we have got you covered.

Although Humble Fungus, the company, is a recent creation, the company is really just an extension and logical consequence of an abiding and steadily growing passion for mycology that began several years ago. While we are IT engineers by day, we've always had a wanderlust for roaming the various biological kingdoms, and mycology has grown to be perhaps be the largest part of a years' long effort to blend our love of science, gardening, and farming, with the calculated experimentation and innovation ingrained as a result of formal schooling as an engineer. The hardy and uniquely adaptive nature of fungi—aggressive, yet also picky (and sometimes demanding!)—make them particularly suited to rewarding observation and wild experimentation, and we quickly grew obsessed, growing fungus on various media and in various ways, always pushing the the boundaries of where we thought fungus could possibly thrive. While there was more than our share of failure, there too was (and continues to be) great success! And with amateur mushroom cultivation having only blossomed in the last 20 years and with minimal innovations since, our goal is to be at the forefront of both learning more about the largely unexplored world of fungus and optimizing their cultivation. We are *extremely* excited for you to be a part of that journey.

Who is the we in "We"?

The "we" of Humble Fungus is primarily me, Jesse Noller, along with volunteers and friends, as new companies often have. I, however, take full responsibility as the Owner and Chief Amateur Mycologist (whoever said I'd never be a fancy executive?!). I am also many other, interesting things, some of which may or may not be relevant to Humble Fungus, but of which I am quite proud: I farm vegetables extensively and routinely donate to food banks and coops (and have incorporated this into Humble Fungus's business model), raise chickens, and am an avid dog lover. I am, first and foremost, a father of two beautiful children, and someone who looks for, and seeks to, interact with the best in all of you.


 + = Chicken of the Woods?


What Makes Humble Fungus Different?

After a series of difficult life events that resulted in a lot of pain and idle time, I found that "growing things" sparked a sense of purpose and joy, and growing mushrooms has been an especially integral component of my own healing—I owe an immense debt of gratitude to fungus. That's why, apart from having one of the most diverse (and ever-growing) species list on offer for colonized media, I truly believe that a company which is run as much for the love of the subject as it is to (hopefully and eventually) put food on the table, is one which inherently understands the needs and desires of the customer and is one which you can count on to do the right thing. The opposite of faceless and opaque, I try my best to show what and how I do things, utilizing social media for offering frequent behind-the-scenes video-logging of my experiments, video tours of my workspace, impromptu tutorials, and other random thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, since I too was once a beginner, I am sincerely and fully devoted to providing the best customer service you will ever receive. Whether it's via the Humble Fungus guarantee, or the feedback and along-the-way advice I am happy to provide, I will ensure your success!

Lastly, I commit to operating Humble Fungus as I believe all aspects of life should be lived: in a fair and equitable manner. Therefore, when I hire my first "official" employee (and thereafter), the company will be structured such that it is 100% employee-owned and operated with an ownership configuration that does not rank any individual in any special grant class. When we work together and equally share our failures and successes—hopefully more of the latter than the former :)—I believe an enjoyable and thriving business is the most likely outcome.

Credits, Shout-Outs and Mentions

If you've read this far, I am really grateful! Speaking of gratefulness, crazy props and thanks go out to Myc Tyson Mushrooms, Tip of the Cap Mushrooms and The Cultured Mushroom for their immense help and products along the way.

Last, but not least, I must mention the wonderful mycology community spread across at the various mycology subreddits, for their warmth, help and so mush love!




Jesse Noller
Humble Fungus
780 Baseline Road
Lafayette, Colorado 80026