About Us

The Humble Fungus is a state-of-the-art mushroom farm and mycology supply based in Lafayette Colorado. We feature end-to-end cultivation supplies, training, gear and more including a wide list of mushroom (fungi) species. 
All of our products, grow kits and mushrooms are hand-made and raised in our cutting edge super-efficient greenhouses, and our laboratory space has twenty-two feet of flow hood space (and way too many sterilizers)!
We are a small, 5 person team running a high-tech urban mushroom farm, but core to the what we are, is the why. The Humble Fungus was founded with the singular goal: Feed, help and educate as many people as we can through mushrooms and fungi. Put more simply - our goal is to get as many people thinking about, eating and growing mushrooms and using our fungal allies as tools for change as possible.

We want to be able to freely/ affordably teach people across the globe how to grow and farm mushrooms - not only to feed themselves, but to feed their local community and, like the mycorrhizal mat under every footstep we take in the forest we want those connections to build and build reinforcing community and every turn.

We also strive to break down the mystery and unspoken "rules" and gatekeeping in the farming, mushroom and other communities we help and are part of. One day, we will become wholly employee owned and operated to further strengthen the bonds to the shared mission we have.

The Humble Fungus values:

  1. All people are deserving basic decency, respect, and care.
  2. Food is a right, and should be free to all.
  3. We will never pay an employee less than we would pay ourselves.
  4. Gatekeeping will not be tolerated.
  5. The key to an equitable and fair society is the free and open exchange of ideas
  6. Mushroom, Mycology, and farming methods must be open-source and freely available to help as many people as possible and to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the industry.
  7. No one who comes to our door in need of food or knowledge will be turned away
  8. A portion of revenue go to local and national non-profits such as Food Banks, Homeless support, LBQT and other civil rights causes, racial & social equality initiatives, and anti-bullying and abuse.

We hope this mission and these values will help us not only grow, but make a lasting impact for all.