About Us

"All life is interconnected. This is the primary lesson that fungi teach."
- Peter McCoy, Radical Mycology


The Humble Fungus was founded in 2020 in Lafayette, Colorado. We are a full-service "spore-to-table" mushroom farm and spawn producer. In addition to growing and selling fresh gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to service both the local Boulder/Lafayette community (as well as the rest of the US by priority shipment) we also provide a wide array of options for the mycology enthusiast at all levels of expertise. Whether you are a beginner seeking to grow your first flush of mushrooms with a ready-to-fruit Grow @ Home mushroom farm kit or an expert seeking agar wedges and slants of robust mycelial genetics for any given gourmet or medicinal species, we have got you covered.

Although Humble Fungus, the company, is a recent creation, the company is really just an extension and logical consequence of an abiding and steadily growing passion for mycology that began several years ago. While we are IT engineers by day, we've always had a wanderlust for roaming the various biological kingdoms, and mycology has grown to be perhaps be the largest part of a years' long effort to blend our love of science, gardening, and farming, with the calculated experimentation and innovation ingrained as a result of formal schooling as an engineer. The hardy and uniquely adaptive nature of fungi—aggressive, yet also picky (and sometimes demanding!)—make them particularly suited to rewarding observation and wild experimentation, and we quickly grew obsessed, growing fungus on various media and in various ways, always pushing the the boundaries of where we thought fungus could possibly thrive. While there was more than our share of failure, there too was (and continues to be) great success! And with amateur mushroom cultivation having only blossomed in the last 20 years and with minimal innovations since, our goal is to be at the forefront of both learning more about the largely unexplored world of fungus and optimizing their cultivation. We are *extremely* excited for you to be a part of that journey.