Therapeutic research liquid cultures

The Humble Fungus is not just a mushroom farm - we are research scientists, ecologists and conservationists on the forefront of mycology. Our job is to study and empower the world with the entirety of Kingdom Fungi.

These cultures and species are tightly regulated, and for research & conservation purposes only. Many of these species are subtle mutations or endangered, the legal fruiting and harvest of the fruiting bodies of these fungi is dependent on internal, state and county laws.

Each liquid culture is made fresh, in house from direct transfers from master plates and syringes are pulled fresh for each order and the cultures are never refrigerated or stored in inventory to ensure the best possible quality.

Your culture will arrive in a 10cc syringe with 18ga needle

Please note: Due to the legal restrictions on these species, we do not ship to states, countries or provinces with strict laws on the import of fungal species. 

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