Triton: Sterilized exotic dung loving substrate



The Humble Fungus knows mushrooms - more importantly, we are scientists and chemists and have over a decade of combined experience growing huge swath of Kingdom Fungi.

That's why we made our "Triton" blend - Triton is chemically tuned to exotic and therapeutic dung and manure loving mushroom species. It's also sterilized - helping lower your risk of contamination, but reaping the benefits of a manure enhanced and amended substrate.

Every batch of our Triton blend contains:

  • Premium coco-coir pith 
  • Premium small granule vermiculite
  • Food grade gypsum, hydrated lime and other minerals 
  • A blend of freeze-dried and sterilized worm castings and freeze dried and sterilized horse/steer/cow manure.

Every batch is hydrated to proper field capacity and mixed heavily - resulting in a light, fluffy and PH balanced using digital scales and meters) blend immediately accessible as nutrients to your mushrooms/fungi. Each bag is packed, measured and sterilized at pressure, cooled and sealed in front of our 22 feet of clean room flow hoods.

Customers report faster colonization times, up to 4-5 flushes on average with extremely consistent yield across species.

    Colonization Times: Varies on species and variety, but on average using a 1:2 ratio is 5-10 days on average (to lower raise incubation temp to 75-78f and increase grain spawn ratio) 

    Returns & Exchanges

    We all make mistakes, this is why the Humble Fungus will refund or exchange sterilized items we ship that have not been inoculated for free.