Calypso: Sterilized and balanced peat based casing layer


The Humble Fungus knows mushrooms - more importantly, we are scientists and chemists and have over a decade of combined experience growing huge swath of Kingdom Fungi.

That's why we made our "Calypso" casing layer blend - Calypso is chemically tuned to all species of fungi. Casing layers help trigger pinning, prevent contamination and holding in more humidity for your fungi living in a bulk substrate.

Every batch of our Phoebe blend contains:

  • Premium peat moss
  • Premium small granule vermiculite and perlite 
  • Food grade gypsum, hydrated lime and other minerals with to assist with pinset formation and reduce contamination.
  • PH / Acidity is set to proper soil horizon 0 levels

Every batch is hydrated to proper field capacity and mixed heavily - resulting in a light, fluffy and PH balanced using digital scales and meters) blend immediately accessible as nutrients to your mushrooms/fungi. Each bag is packed, measured and sterilized at pressure, cooled and sealed in front of our 22 feet of clean room flow hoods.


Returns & Exchanges

We all make mistakes, this is why the Humble Fungus will refund or exchange sterilized items we ship that have not been inoculated for free.