Master's Mix Sterilized fruiting block - 6-Pound Unicorn Bag


Humble Fungus is proud to offer what is considered the reference standard for substrate, with our own humble tweaks, of course. While Master's Mix is a 50/50 blend of sawdust and soy hull that proves irresistible to almost all fungi, our own production and testing has revealed that amending the blend with just the right amount of gypsum helps to truly turbocharge colonization times.

Our amended Master's Mix substrate is sterilized for 3 hours at a minimum of 15psi to ensure complete and thorough sterilization. All of our ready-to-innoculate grain are packaged in unicorn bags which are specifically manufactured for mycelial growth and utilize filter membranes for sterile air exchange. We humbly guarantee that your substrate will arrive sterile, and will remain so till opened.