Therapeutic Research Agar Cultures


The Humble Fungus is not just a mushroom farm - we are also research scientists, ecologists and conservationists on the forefront of mycology. Our job is to study and empower the world with fungi growing knowledge.

These cultures and species are tightly regulated and are for research and conservation purposes only. Many of these species are subtle mutations or endangered. The legal parameters for the fruiting and harvest of these fungi are regulated by individual county, city and state laws. 

Each agar culture is made fresh and in-house right in our lab. Every sample is a direct transfer from a master plate. Agar plates are poured fresh for each order and the cultures are never refrigerated to ensure the best possible quality.

Your culture will arrive on a 100mm agar plate commercially wrapped and sealed. Every plate is clearly labeled with the Species. 

Please note: Due to the legal restrictions on these species, we do not ship to states, countries or provinces with strict laws on the import of fungal species.