Lab Tech 3: Pain train: Grain Train


Come join the Humble Fungus team in front of the flow hood in our Lab Tech classes! In this class we will cover the everything about mushroom grainzzzzzz!

Pain train: Grain Train (2 hours)

  • Revisiting fungal biology & enzyme stomachs
  • Why grains? Why substrate?
  • Hydration: 50% is great!
  • Grain prep: No soak, no simmer - no bullshit
  • Millet, Rye, Whole Oats no soak no simmer prep
  • Cook times: you’re probably doing it wrong.
  • Break and shake: GIVE MARS AIR
  • Vermiculite: The Secret weapon
  • Jars vs bags, or how micro fractures will land you in the ER
  • Q&A

    We will walk you through everything, answering your questions and maybe even making new classes based on your real-time feedback.